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We are a Calgary Alberta maker - installer of fascia exterior building signs for business & institutions. We also remove, repair, and retrofit existing building signage.

How many people know that permanent and temporary signs within the City of Calgary's jurisdiction are actually regulated, and that their owners must abide by the bylaws related to placement, installation, size, and more? We are a sign company in Calgary who is specialized in the manufacturing and installation of tailor-made interior / exterior identification signs for businesses and institutions. This section deals with non-illuminated building signs, please also see "Illuminated signs" in the menu.

We take the weight off your shoulders regarding the signage permits: our sign company will assist clients to determine whether or not a development permit is required for their exterior illuminated or non-illuminated building signs (also known as fascia signs).
Furthermore, BowSigns offers to apply for a signage permit with the City of Calgary on behalf of its clients (note that there will be a fee collected by the local administration i.e. City of Calgary to process the signage permit application). BowSigns shall produce the necessary documents required to be part of the signage permit application package such as elevation drawings of the building with the proposed sign, and a rendering of the sign to scale ("concept elevation drawing") which costs between $250 and $400 depending on the work involved.
In order for us to do the aforementioned, our clients are required to provide us the following:
1) Copy of the site plan and elevation drawings of the exiting building in a pdf format (MUST be pdf).
2) Copy of the Certificate of Title in the province of Alberta.
3) Affidavit (or a letter signed in front of a Commissioner for Oath) from the Landlord, which indicates our company as their proxy for the purpose of dealing with the local administration to obtain signage approvals.
Please be aware that the review process can be lengthy, and the Planning Development & Assessment (PDA) department at the City of Calgary which handles the application may take a few weeks to respond.
The following links may be of great interest to businesses or institutions looking for more information about permit application for signs:
Cost - City of Calgary applications fee for a permit for signs
What is permitted and what's not - City of Calgary land use bylaws for signs (go to "Part 3, Division 5")
Application information - City of Calgary check list for submittal of an application for signage permit

We design, manufacture and install store awnings with graphics and our specialty is durable rigid-faced awnings with vinyl graphics. Clients interested in Calgary building signs should know that there are several material choices available, for both the backing boards and the logo /text. Crezone (signage wooden board), Dibond or Alupanel (aluminum composite board), and PVC and just some of the backing material choices for outdoor business signs. Vinyl graphics can be used on the boards, and also raised letters and 3D cut logos.

Our company makes exterior office signs, retail signs, hotel signs, restaurant signs, medical office signs, dental office signs, and other building signs Calgary clients order with installation services. Installation of these signs onto the building facade can be flush with the wall or offseted using stand-ofs.