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Chalkboard - Dry-Erase - Sandwich Boards - A Frames - Sidewalk Signs

Our company in Calgary makes sandwich signs and board signs with special surface that one can write on using either chalk or dry-erase markers.

The first category includes "chalkboard sandwich boards" and "chalkboard signs" depending whether they are standing on the ground or installed on a wall.
The second category includes "dry erase sandwich boards" and "dry erase signs", similarly.

We also offer Sandwich Boards With Custom Printed Permanent Graphics On Faces ← Click here if you are looking for sandwich board signs with non-changeable graphics, Changeable Message Sandwich Board Signs ← Click here if you are looking for Sandwich Board Signs with Holder for Posters, or with Tracks and Changeable Letters for promotions, Blank Plain Sandwich Boards ← Click here if you are looking for DIY plain white blank sandwich board signs in Calgary Alberta.

Chalkboard sandwich boards (left photo) are widely used by restaurants and pubs to display their menu, and also by other retailers to advertise daily specials and on-sale items. Dry erase sandwich board signs (center-left) are used in presentations, classes, announcements, and advertising. We also make dry erase and chalkboard signs for walls. Although we are in Calgary, we can ship anywhere in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

These write-on street / sidewalk signs have to be put inside on a rainy day due to the fact that neither the chalk marking, nor the dry-erase writing are water-proof.

Customizing the signs with a permanent graphic area (where the company logo and contact goes) and making a separate area for writing with chalk or markers, is one of our specialties, and in Calgary we are well known for turning-around quality custom sandwich boards like the ones shown above.

The price for this type of signs is based on complexity and size. Contact us for a free quote.